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Building rules & construction schedule

Construction is only during daytime

(monday to Friday 10am to 6pm & Saturday 10am to 2pm)

in the following condos*:

  • Condo 401 from June 3rd to 21st (moderate noise most of the time)

  • Condo 703 from June 27th to July 4th (Moderate to higher noise)

  • Condo 503 from June 18th to July 1st  (noisier 1st week, moderate noise 2nd week)

  • Condo 302 from  June 25th to July 16th  (noisier 1st week, moderate noise after that)

  • Condo 201 From July 5th to September14th (Noisier the first 3 weeks, moderate noise aftet that.

  • Condo 802 from September17th to October 2nd (noisier 1st week, moderate noise 2nd week).

Metal doors will be changed on the following condos:

(uninstalling old doors can be noisy)

  • Condo 001 & 002 between June 30th and July 7th .

  • Condo 004 and 101 to 105 between July 7th and July 20th .

  • Condo 201 to 205 between July 20th and July 31st .

  • Condo 301 to 305 between July 31st and August 11th .

  • Condo 401 to 405 between August 11th and August 21st .

  • Condo 501 to 505 between August 21st and August 31st .

  • Condo 601 to 605 between August 31st and September 12 .

  • Condo 701 to 705 & 901 to 902 between September 12th and September 22nd .

  • Condo 801 to 805 between September 22nd and October 2nd 


No construction is allowed between November 1st and May 31st.

*For information only,  may be subject to changes.

Building Rules

  • Travel  insurances are  very important, do no leave home without them. Make sure it covers your health,  baggage,  cancellation of plane ticket and lodging.

  • Reservations for 4 days or less require full stay payment as deposit.

  • No pets allowed in Boana Torre Malibu main Tower 

  • No guests under 18 are admitted in Boana Torre Malibu main tower.

  • A pre-authorization of 2000 pesos (+- 100.00usd) will be made on your credit card as Deposit for keys and incidents.

  • Take good care  of your condo keys, there is a charge of $ 50.00 usd if you need to have  somebody open your condo door after office hours.

  • For the security of all our guests, any visitor must be  registered at the office (pool area)  upon arrival and will be under  the guest’s responsibility. Maximum visitors allowed per room: 2 (1 per guest)

  • When your visitor leaves, please take him personally to  the exit, so our staff know he’s a friend of yours, not a stranger.

  • Do not give doorcodes of the building entrance to anyone (for your own security).

  • Air conditioned, lighting and water faucets should be turned off every time you leave the condo.

  • As a manner of respect to other guests, parties in rooms are not allowed after 10 pm.

  • Since each unit belongs to a different owner,everything (furniture, decorative items, appliances, etc) must remain in the condo. Please do not remove or transfer anything from one condo to another).

  • No clothes or towels are allowed  hanging at balconies railings.

  • No pets allowed.

  • Towels stay in rooms. They are not for the beach. Ask reception for beach towels service

  • Consumption of drugs is prohibited and illegal.

  • If you break anything, do not worry, just replace it.

  • Cleaning the rooms is every two days. Additional  cleanings should be paid by guests. $150 pesos each to be paid at the office.

  • Personal laundry service. Information at the office.

  • Please deposit your garbage in the plastic trash  containers located in the stairs between each floors.

  • Tips for the  maids are not included

  • The washing of dishes is not included in the cleaning. If you  need this service, and the maid is available, an extra tip is required. (± $50pesos).

  • Due to the structure of the hotel and pool area, noise  carries to all units; as a respect to others, please control noise around pool  and entrance areas.

  • We are not responsible of any personal or valuable  things left in the room by the clients and guests. There is a safe box available in your  condo.

  • We have a liability insurance.

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